Any type of regular physical activity can help us feel and look amazing. Our health will considerably improve and we can have a very strong immune system. Living in big cities like London can be a disadvantage because most people are rushing all the time to their jobs, families, and so on, and they do not have enough time for going to the gym. However, it is essential to find at least half an hour every day for taking take of your body and mind. Therefore, for anyone who is interested in this, we will show you the best places to break a sweat in London.

Gymbox, Covent Garden

This place has actually grown quite impressively since it started in 2003 in a car park. Today, you can take your pick from not more and not less than eight Gymbox locations, each highly committed to making getting sweaty. If you have a look at the schedule you will be able to make an idea about this place and you will find out what suits you best. The classes available at Gymbox include Aerial Pilates, Caveman, Trapeze, and Paddleboard Yoga. This is not everything because Gymbox also features functional fitness rigs, boxing rings, and resident DJs. The workout combined with amazing party vibes will certainly make you sweat.

Psycle, Fitzrovia

Another excellent place to break a sweat in London is Psycle. Despite its name, there is actually something for those who do not feel at home on a bike too. There are lovely yoga sessions, high-intensity barre, and circuits & strength classes. We highly recommend this gym to men and women as well. It is the perfect place to stay healthy and fit at all times.

The Refinery, South Hackney

In South Hackney, you will find The Refinery, a very nice fitness studio. This is one of the coolest places of this type in the beautiful city of London. The Refinery is home to an attractive collection of pilates, warmly lit studios, and incense. The welcoming vibe is absolutely amazing and combined with the type of exercise you are going to have, it will surely make you workout even more.

Frame, Shoreditch

This location was set up in order to bring an extremely positive vibe to the entire process of getting and staying fit. This philosophy is more than evident as soon as you arrive here. Frame opened in 2009, and it has become very popular over time due to its wonderful vibe, professional team, and the varied classes. For example, you can try yoga classes in case you are into meditation, or you could go for aerobics, fitness, running club, and more. It doesn’t actually matter what you choose to do as long as you do it regularly in order to improve your health and stay fit. Therefore, if you want to look and feel amazing, go to this fitness center as often as possible.

All the above fitness centers are located in very nice areas of London, with an easy access, plenty of exercises and gym equipment to choose from, and a very pleasant atmosphere. What else can you wish for from a fitness center?!


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