If you sit quite a lot at work then you need to make sure your move your body several times a day in order to avoid dealing with back and neck problems in the future. Therefore, we come to your help by showing you some easy yet extremely efficient exercises to do at your desk. Check them out and don’t forget to go for them every day for the best results.

Shoulder Raises

You also need to workout your upper body and you can easily do this even if you sit on a chair at your desk. Take a small break from working and relieve tension in your neck. Simply raise your shoulders up toward ears, hold for about 15 seconds, and then relax. If you want a bigger stretch then you should do one shoulder at a time, and then go for alternating five times each.

Back Twist

This type of exercise is also excellent for relieving tension in your back. A back twist can easily and quickly be done even at your desk. What you need to do place your left arm behind your right hip, while you sit on your chair. Twist to the left side and hold for about 10 seconds, then repeat on the right side. You should do four to each side.

Leg Planks

No matter ho long you need to sit at your desk you can strengthen your legs while you work. How can you do that? It is very simple. All you need to do is to sit to the edge of the chair and while you do so you must bend your knees and feet on the floor. Then you need to gently extend your left leg out until it is actually perfectly straight and parallel with the floor. Do the same with your other leg. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times a day on each leg. Keep in mind to hold the pose for at least 10 seconds.

Foot Drill

This is another easy yet very efficient exercise to do at your desk. Do you know how football players tap their feet in place while they are at practice? If so, then you will understand exactly this type of exercise. While sitting on your chair, try tapping your feet for about 30 seconds at a time. If you can do it for longer, then it would be even better. In just a few days you will see how your legs will be fitted and after a month your muscles will become stronger.

Chair Dip

Place your hands on the armrest and then move your bottom quite slowly to the front of your seat. Then you need to straighten your arms and lift your entire body off the chair. Once you have done this, hold for about 10 seconds and then return to the initial position and repeat five more times. Such an easy exercise but with such a wonderful result.

Go for Regular Walk Breaks

Even if this is not an exercise you can do at your desk it is essential to go for it if you usually sit on a chair quite a lot. By doing so, you will avoiding dealing with back problems in the future. Just walk around for at least 10 minutes every two hours.


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