Skirting boards are extremely common in houses all over the world due to many reasons. They do not only add a touch of beauty to any interior but they also have some amazing advantages. However, if you have decided to go for them, then you must know that there are many types available on the market, each of them with a specific use.

Walnut Skirting Boards As the name says, this type of skirting boards is made out of walnut trees. The advantage is that this type of wood is nutritional valuable as it is rich in protein, fat, and minerals. Therefore, the walnut skirting boards are ultra durable. In case you want to make an excellent investment and get something for your house that will last a long period of time then you should definitely go for these products.

Ash Skirting Boards Ash trees are also used these days for making skirting boards. The final products are high-quality as well as very beautiful.
Beech Skirting Boards Beech Trees are everywhere in the United Kingdom and they are a very popular choice amongst businessmen in the wood industry. Beech trees are hard but not as expensive as the other woods we presented above. The main advantage of beech skirting boards is that they are very simple to clean.
Oak Skirting Boards Oak wood is well-known all over the world for its high strength and great endurance. Just like the type we mentioned earlier, this one is also high-quality and lasts long periods of time. Oak is one of the most appreciated materials when it comes to skirting boards and there are lots of people who choose it instead of others. Furthermore, the design is super elegant and it will surely make your house look more elegant.

Oak Veneered Skirting Boards Veneer oak is an innovative product that is being applied to the surface of a cheaper wood in order to make it look similar to oak. This option is a more affordable one that also makes a home look prettier. However, this material doesn’t keep its beauty for a very long time, which can be quite disadvantageous because you certainly don’t want to change the skirting boards regularly.

Pine Skirting Board This is another wonderful type of skirting boards you can find on the market these days. This type of wood is well-known for its majestic beauty, and it is commonly used in manufacturing. Pin wood is a lot softer than many other types of wood, which means that skirting boards that are made out of it are excellent for houses that don’t have straight walls.

Maple Skirting Boards Maple is an extremely popular hardwood due to its attractive appearance. It can actually be smoothened to a glass like finish. If you want a product that will look super attractive for many years, then you must definitely go for maple. The only disadvantage of this type of wood is that it is very expensive.

Plastic Skirting Boards This is a smart alternative to traditional skirting. It is a lot cheaper and it can be very easy to clean and maintain. The disadvantage is that the plastic doesn’t look as elegant as the traditional wooden skirting.


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